NOR-STA Services

  • Template hosting
  • Argument hosting
  • Evidence hosting
  • Template editing
  • Argument editing
  • Evidence integration
  • Template sharing
  • Argument sharing
  • Argument assessment
  • Assessment visualisation
  • User training
  • Auditor training
  • Owner training
  • User consulting
  • Auditor consulting
  • Owner consulting
  • On-line support
NOR-STA - innovative IT services aimed to support processes of managing conformance to standards and norms. The NOR-STA services add business value with:
  • explicit representation of the conformance argument,
  • integration of the supporting evidence with the argument (in any multimedial digitalized form and from distributed repositories),
  • use of the argument templates which are derived from the text of standards,
  • method of conformance assessment matched with the standard,
  • effective visualization of the conformance status,
  • management of conformance in a private cloud providing for  high availability and mobility and low starting costs.
The NOR-STA services provide for representing and maintaining conformance arguments, integrating these arguments with the supporting evidence and assessing the compelling power of the arguments. NOR-STA integrates three main viewpoints on standards: owner, user and assessor. NOR-STA services move the whole problem of conformance demonstration and assessment to the Internet in a way which respects users’ expectations related to information security.

NOR-STA services support key business processes of standard Owners, standard Users and Auditors:

  • Achieving conformance
  • Maintaining conformance
  • Assessment/Certification
  • Certificate promotion
  • Standard promotion

The NOR-STA Services Map shows the support for the above processes by the particular NOR-STA services (click on the picture to enlarge).


The model of using NOR-STA services in the process of achieving and assessing conformance to standards is presented below.


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NOR-STA services foster cooperation among Standard User who adopts a standard, Standard Owner who proposed the standard,
and Auditor who assesses the conformance.


With the help of NOR-STA services the adopted standard is transformed into the Conformance Template. This conversion is performed with involvement of Standard Owner and Auditor who interpret the standard.


Standard User uses NOR-STA services to develop Conformance Argument filling the Conformance Template with additional arguments and the supporting evidence.


Conformance Argument is assessed by Auditor to check the conformance.


Standard User receives formal certificate of conformance from the Auditor.