• 24-08-2017
    On July 13, 2017, a Research Collaboration Agreement (RCA) was signed between U.S. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Gdansk University of Technology (GUT) for a period of 5 years. The goal of the agreement is to develop methods and tools supporting qualification of medical devices and safety assessment.
  • 12-07-2017
    On 2-6 July 2017, DepCoS 2017 (12th International Conference on Dependability and Complex Systems) was held in Brunów, Poland. DepCoS focuses on dependability aspects of systems and solutions originating from various engineering domains.
  • 17-02-2016
    On 4th February 2016 Gdansk University of technology and Kansas State University signed the Research Cooperation Agreement to investigate the potential of NOR-STA system to support assurance cases of cooperating medical devices.
  • 20-10-2015
    A new demonstrator has been published with a catalogue of assurance case patterns. The patterns describe the reusable argumentation structures used to argue safety (or other critical aspects) of systems. The catalogue includes a set of most important patterns published in recent years.
  • 24-09-2015
    On September 21st Argevide NOR-STA was accepted for the MDDT (Medical Device Development Tools) pilot program implemented by FDA. Under this program, NOR-STA’s suitability as an assurance case tool supporting the development and evaluation of medical devices will be assessed.
  • 21-08-2015
    We are pleased to announce that a cooperation agreement has been signed between Gdańsk University of Technology (GUT) and National Centre for Quality Assessment in Healthcare (CMJ). Its aim is the further development of effective IT support for the processes of quality management in healthcare.
  • 13-12-2014
    On December 12th a meeting of representatives of DNV GL, PCM management board and Argevide management board was held in Pleszewskie Centrum Medyczne (PCM). The aim of the visit was to present of the PCM’s experience of the use of NOR-STA services in the accreditation process and the integrated management system including ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001. The participants of the meeting discussed the use of NOR-STA services on the examples of carried out implementations.
  • 09-12-2014
    On December 9th a EOIF GigaCon conference – Electronic Corporate Information Flow took place in Gdansk. The event was dedicated to solutions and tools supporting enterprise management. Gdańsk University of Technology was one of the conference patrons.
  • 10-11-2014
    On November 7th a meeting concerning the application of the evidence-based arguments in the assessment of compatibility with the rules for protection of EU classified information was held at EUCI Protection Unit of the EU of the Council of the European Union General Secretariat in Brussels.
  • 31-10-2014
    The 4th International Symposium on Model-Based Safety and Assessment IMBSA’2014 was held in Munich from 27 to 29 October 2014. Two Gdansk University of Technology representatives participated in the event. Prof. Janusz Gorski and Dr. Andrzej Wardziński led a tutorial „NOR-STA - A tool supporting applications of evidence based arguments”.
  • 07-07-2014
    On July 7-10 an AADL standardization committee meeting took place in Orlando, Florida. The agenda included a presentation "RDAL/AADL/Assurance Case Example specification for FDA" by Brian Larson from Kansas State University. The presentation was related to the results of the Open PCA Pump Project funded by the National Science Foundation US Food and Drug Administration Scholar-in-Residence (NSF FDA SIR) program.
  • 27-03-2014
    NOR-STA Services will be temporarily unavailable due to a technical break planned from 07AM to 03PM on 28/03/2014 related to modernization of the technical infrastructure.
  • 06-11-2013
    We are pleased to announce that deployment of the new version of the NOR-STA platform has just finished. We can say that everything went well and the access to the application is already active.
  • 30-10-2013
    On October 14th 2013 there was the 6th meeting of the Project Advisory Committee under the name NOR-STA Users Conference. The conference was particularly addressed to the present and future users of the NOR-STA services. Its objective was to summarize the NOR-STA project achievements and most important to present the future commercial offer of NOR-STA.
  • 30-10-2013
    We are pleased to announce that on November 7th it appears a new release of the NOR-STA platform.
  • 26-09-2013
    NOR-STA Services will be temporarily unavailable due to a technical break planned from 2:00 PM on 27/09/2013 to 9:00 AM on 28/09/2013 related to modernization of the mains electricity. The website of project will be also unavailable.
  • 23-08-2013
    The Evidence list report will be generated in a form of a table. It will include a list of all attached documents with names of repositories and reference nodes.
  • 19-08-2013
    The next References list report will have a form of a table. The table will contain a list of all reference nodes with attached evidence and names of repositories in which they are located.
  • 09-08-2013
    The report Project metrics will include all the most important data about a project, such as: name, date of creation, all number of nodes, number of different types of nodes, number of assessed nodes, number of evidence, date of the last modification and the last assessment.
  • 07-08-2013
    The Changes history report will be the next report, in which users could view list of all changes in the tree. The table will include four columns: type of the changed node, date of the change, person who did it, type of the change.
  • 05-08-2013
    The first report we want to announce is a print screen of a current view of the tree.
  • 31-07-2013
    "The time travel" is one of the most important feature, which will appear in the update of NOR-STA platform. You will be able to see the state of the tree from any moments of the history. We called it "Snapshot".
  • 30-07-2013
    We are going to give you a great new feature: report system. Although our services already offer some support for simple reports, that in the near future will be developed reporting system that allows you to select the most important information from the application.
  • 29-07-2013
    The planned update of NOR-STA platform will bring new features and huge changes for users. Improvements will cover many aspect of the application work, but at the beginning we will present some new features that will appear in the tree projects, menu and tabs.
  • 10-07-2013
    We would like to buy Drupal Template for the project’s Website "Support for Achieving and Assessing Conformance to NORms and STAndards -NOR-STA". Please send offers by e-mail at the following address: by 12:00 AM, June 18, 2013.
  • 01-07-2013
    NOR-STA Services will be temporarily unavailable due to a technical break planned from 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM (on 01/07/2013) related to modernization of the mains electricity. The website of project will be also unavailable.
  • 28-05-2013
    We want to live up to expectations of ours users, so we started the implementation of a reporting system for our services.
  • 21-05-2013
    The evidence attaching mechanism is the first thing we decided to improve. The rebuild widget will significantly reduce the time required to add documents. There will be also progress bar.
  • 13-03-2013
    On the Thursday in Poznań the ceremony of summarizing new competition “THE MTP GOLD MEDAL – SELECTION OF 2012 CONSUMERS” was held. NOR-STA won the category INNOVATION-TECHNOLOGY-MACHINES.
  • 05-03-2013
    We are pleased to announce that implementation of the new version of the NOR-STA platform has just finished. Without exaggerated modesty, we can say that everything went well and the access to the application is already active.
  • 22-02-2013
    According to the latest principles of creating modern web applications we have increased the availability and usability of our tools by improving its service using the keyboard.
  • 21-02-2013
    NOR-STA Services will be temporarily unavailable due to a technical break planned from 4 to 5 March 2013 related to the implementation of a new version of the platform and replacement of production servers.
  • 21-02-2013
    In new version of NOR-STA Platform in Setting Assessment will appear two new options: "Accept all rationales" and "Delete all assessments".
  • 15-02-2013
    Today we would like to present two new filters "Changes since" and "More information on names", which make working with tree much easier.
  • 08-02-2013
    Despite the weather prevailing behind the window, atmosphere in NOR-STA is hot. We are working on further improvements to our platform. Today we would like to present you a new tab Evidence in the node Fact and Assumptions.
  • 30-01-2013
    NOR-STA Services will be temporarily unavailable due to a technical break planned from 07PM to 09PM (on 30/01/2013) related to modernization of the mains electricity.
  • 07-01-2013
    In the new year NOR-STA team works hard. Features added in the new version of our platform do not mean the end of development. We are already working on further improvements. This time we have focused on filters.
  • 02-01-2013
    Inform you that access to the NOR-STA services has been restored. Welcome to use.
  • 31-12-2012
    We regret to inform you that on 29 December 2012 because of a power failure, access to the NOR-STA services has been temporarily disabled. Work is ongoing on repairing a power failure. We anticipate that it will be finished no earlier than 2 January 2013. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • 22-11-2012
    Today's video show how turn the My Account window on and why it can by useful for you.
  • 16-11-2012
    As we have told today we are publishing another video tutorial.
  • 16-11-2012
    Today we publish the first video tutorials presenting some features of the new version of the platform NOR-STA.
  • 05-11-2012
    We are pleased to announce the 7th November appears a new version of the NOR-STA platform.
  • 10-09-2012
    5th Meeting of Project Advisory Committee will be held on 15-16 October 2012. Details of the meeting will be available soon.
  • 06-09-2012
    On 4th September at the Gdansk University of Technology we met with Information Assurance Office (IAO) representatives of the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union and talked about the future cooperation with the NOR-STA project.
  • 27-08-2012
    Now you can add comments under the news.
  • 27-08-2012
    In the new version of the NOR-STA application we completely changed the layout and login page. We decided to make it more modern and attractive. Moreover, color of login page fulfill a specific function.
  • 16-08-2012
    Today we are going to say a few words about the new shape of our application. Appearance is one of the main criteria for evaluation, and therefore a new version of NOR STA Editor has not only far-reaching changes in technology, but also huge visual changes.
  • 10-08-2012
    As at the Olimpic Game in London, we can say that this is the final straight before the new release of NOR-STA Editor. We are very close to the finish-line and in near future we will be able to boast of a new application.
  • 10-08-2012
    On 4th September 2012 in Gdansk the NOR-STA team will meet representatives of the Information Assurance Offiece (IAO) of European Council to assess the potential of NOR-STA services to support activities of IAO related to standardization in the field of information security.
  • 10-08-2012
    Prof. Janusz Górski was invited to deliver a keynote presentation to the Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS) which will be held in Wrocław on 9-12th September 2012.
  • 06-08-2012
    We are pleased to inform that our team has joined a new member.
  • 19-06-2012
    We encourage you to watch film promotes NOR-STA services.
  • 18-06-2012
    We are pleased to present the video documenting our presence in Poznan.
  • 14-06-2012
    A meeting to discuss the perspective of standard owners is scheduled for 18-06-2012. See the agenda of meeting.
  • 06-06-2012
    Intensive work on an implementation of NOR-STA in supporting compliance with the standard CAF (Common Assessment Framework) 2006 can be considered successful.
  • 05-06-2012
    At the Innovations - Technologies - Machines Poland fair NOR-STA we had an honor of hosting Mr. President Bronisław Komorowski.
  • 05-06-2012
    We are very pleased to present you our new logo. The new logo is not only a graphic element, but also a new stage in project's development.
  • 05-06-2012
    We are pleased to announce the short animation presenting the potential of NOR-STA Platform has just been published.
  • 05-06-2012
    A meeting to discuss the perspective of standard owners, related to accreditation standards for healthcare, standards for secure outsourcing, Common Assessment Framework is scheduled for 18-06-2012. A meeting to discuss the perspective of standard owners, related to security standards in European Council is scheduled for 28-08-2012. A meeting to discuss the perspective of standard users, is provisionally scheduled for October 2012, an exact date will be announced a month in advance.
  • 22-05-2012
    On Tuesday, 29-th of may in Poznań Innovation – Technologies – Machines Poland begins. NOR-STA will be presented at it. Welcome to our exhibition (pavilion 3, stand 68).
  • 21-05-2012
    We keep working on the new version of NOR-STA Platform. In the latest release of our application we improved efficient and ergonomy of work.
  • 11-05-2012
    NOR-STA services compete with other Gold Medal winners at Poznan International Fair ITM Poland exhibition for CONSUMER CHOICE 2012 award. Here you can take part in the voting.
  • 07-05-2012
    On 27.05.2012 professor Janusz Gorski visited Departament of e-Services for Life & Health, Scientific Institute San Raffaele in Milan.
  • 20-04-2012
    We are pleased to inform that NOR-STA services platform was awarded the Gold Medal of Poznan International Fair on this year's ITM Poland - Research for Industry exhibition.
  • 20-04-2012
    The updated version of the NOR-STA portal was published as a part of the continual improvement of our services.
  • 27-03-2012
    Our technical team continuously attempts to make our services more user friendly and efficient. The latest achievement is improving efficiency of the algorithm for visualization of argument assessments.
  • 09-03-2012
    On 29.02.2012 prof. Janusz Gorski presented a two-hours lecture (involving also demonstrations) entitled "TRUST-IT methodology and NOR-STA services" to the students studying for MSc degree in Informatics. The lecture was a part of the Monographic Lectures course.
  • 01-03-2012
    NOR-STA services are being introduced to a new sector: they will be used to support application of Common Assessment Framework (CAF) 2006 in several public administration institutions for evidence management and self-assessment.
  • 21-02-2012
    Internships proposed for students of Marketing and Management. See announcement
  • 20-02-2012 company will provide the service of availability monitoring of NOR-STA services.
  • 07-02-2012
    Offerents are invited for the service of monitoring availability of NOR-STA services.
  • 16-12-2011
    On 16.12.2011 professor Janusz Gorski visited Informatuion Assurance Office of European Council in Brussels, where he was invited to present the potential of TRUST-IT methodology and NOR-STA services for supporting information security.
  • 15-11-2011
    NOR-STA services are available.
  • 15-11-2011
    NOR-STA Services will be temporarily unavailable due to a technical break planned from 11AM to 12AM on 15/11/2011.
  • 27-10-2011
    4th Meeting of Project Advisory Committee will be held on 12-13 December 2011. Details of the meeting are available at the KKP/Meetings. We cordially invite.
  • 25-10-2011
    On 27.09.2011 professor Janusz Gorski visited EC JRC, Institute for Energy & Transport in Petten, Holland, where he presented possibilities of using NOR-STA services for supporting risk assessment of gas infrastructures in member states. JRC IET and NOR-STA will continue coopreation on this matter.
  • 17-10-2011
    NOR-STA services are available.
  • 13-10-2011
    NOR-STA Services will be temporarily unavailable due to a technical break planned from 10AM to 4PM (on 17/10/2011) for deployment of new hardware and software. Access to the services may be restored earlier.
  • 21-06-2011
    NOR-STA Services were nominated for the Gold Medal in „Transfer of scientific research to industrial practice". More details.
  • 07-06-2011
    Agenda of the PAC meeting on 20-21 June 2011 was published.
  • 12-05-2011
    There is a new production release of TCT Editor.
  • 12-05-2011
    There are two new tutorials: how to manage the evidence and how to configure access to a repository. You can find details in FAQ
  • 14-04-2011
    Already 6 different institutions are using NOR-STA services.
  • 14-03-2011
    3rd meeitng of Project Advisory Committee (PAC) is scheduled for 20-21.06.2011.