Common Assessment Framework


The implementation of the Common Assessment Framework requires a considerable time and effort to carry out the improvement actions. Reliable self-assessment allows to increase the effectiveness of a public organization, improve practices and procedures as well as introduce new solutions.

Within the NOR-STA project, the Gdansk University of Technology developed a state-of-the-art software platform for the services supporting public organizations in their self-improvement processes following the Common Assessment Framework.

The NOR-STA services collect documents and assessments in a hierarchy of criteria defined by CAF. It allows an organization to:

  • acquire clear picture of the enablers and results,
  • build a catalogue of digital documents,
  • read the assessment results represented by intuitive colours.

Consequently, the organization gains control over its situation, which enables it to introduce self-assessment and improvements faster and more effectively.

Look: How does NOR-STA support the CAF Common Assessment

What benefits can you get from NOR-STA?


Effective monitoring

The NOR-STA platform provides effective monitoring of public organizations at any stage of the implementation of Common Assessment Framework. NOR-STA allows to quickly verify information on all aspects of the organization which facilitates the analysis of current state and introduction of improvements. On everyday basis you can inspect the progress in the organization’s self-improvement getting details on each aspect.


Easier progress tracking

If your organization has already introduced the Common Assessment Framework, the NOR-STA platform can support you in implementing the recommended improvements and performing periodic self-assessments. Constant access to the documentation and graphical presentation of the assessments allows to quickly identify if your organization satisfies sufficiently all criteria.


Convenient self-assessment

The NOR-STA platform calculates automatically the assessment of criteria and sub-criteria based on the assessments of examples. It supports full assessment by all members of the CAF implementation team as well as the simplified assessment by one team member. Graphical presentation of results enables instant identification of the aspects for improvement.


Arrangement of documentation

The process of CAF implementation involves a great number of documents to collect often from different people and departments. Managing and updating these documents in paper form or even in electronic form is not an easy task. Thanks to NOR-STA, all documents recalled for particular criteria will be gathered in one place, where reaching for a particular document requires only several clicks.



NOR-STA offers a repository for electronic documents, where you can store all your documents without investing in proprietary infrastructure. The NOR-STA platform can also integrate with external repositories such as Public Information Bulletin, so you do not need to move already hosted documents to have all of them in one explicit structure.


Time savings

Thanks to NOR-STA, you can perform self-assessments faster and more effectively, so you can spend more time on other important tasks in your organization.


Cost savings

Until the end of 2013, NOR-STA offers a free-of-charge software which helps to speed up and optimise the self-assessment process as well as to decrease cost and effort related to documentation management. The software is delivered as a service, therefore no installation is required. There is no need to buy any additional software nor servers. Moreover, the ease of use removes the need to hire any additional IT staff.



For NOR-STA it does not matter whether you use it at work, at home or travelling. A computer with an access to the Internet is enough to access NOR-STA services any time and any place.



NOR-STA platform is developed by Gdańsk University of Technology staff competent in security and data protection domains. Server protection, encrypted connections and other adequate security means are used to ensure that no data owned by you is disclosed.


Technical support

Public organizations cooperating with NOR-STA project can rely on our support team any time. Numerous training materials can be found on project's website, hands-on training courses are periodically organised and the project team promptly responds to any phone or  e-mail requests.


Ease of use

During development of NOR-STA platform software, we focused on reducing time required to learn how to use it. Thanks to the involvement of users from public administration sector, we designed a friendly and ergonomic user interface which allows effective work even for users less experienced in IT.