Paper and presentation about assurance case patterns catalogue at DepCos 2017

On 2-6 July 2017, DepCoS 2017 (12th International Conference on Dependability and Complex Systems) was held in Brunów, Poland. DepCoS focuses on dependability aspects of systems and solutions originating from various engineering domains. 

During the conference, Aleksander Jarzębowicz (Department of Software Engineering, Gdańsk University of Technology) presented a paper about an assurance case patterns catalogue. Information about DepCoS 2017 can be found at conference's website, and the published paper is available at: website.

Technical break

NOR-STA Services will be temporarily unavailable due to a technical break planned from 07AM to 03PM on 28/03/2014 related to modernization of the technical infrastructure.

The NOR-STA 6.0 already released

We are pleased to announce that deployment of the new version of the NOR-STA platform has just finished. We can say that everything went well and the access to the application is already active.

The NOR-STA 6.0 is a major change both in terms of functionality and technology. In the new version appear new features and capabilities, as:

  • Full history of the project, evidence and assessments
  • Browsing the project state from any
  • Reports: 6 universal and 2 specific to standards
  • Faster evidence attachment and access to previous versions of documents
  • Issuing and browsing assessments in one Assessment tab
  • Direct assessment of claims
  • Automatic exclusion of claim after excluding all of its premises
  • Latest assessment as a result of many assessments
  • New feature to reset forgotten password
  • New user preferences
  • Extended text formatting in the description editor
  • Simplified clipboard

Administrative functions:

  • Projects organized into folders, no explicit versions
  • Changing order of folders and projects
  • New options in project copying: assessments, changes, repository settings and snapshot
  • Easier management of repositories, in particular those delivered by NOR-STA

Read detailed description of the new features.

We hope you will enjoy working in our platform even more than before.

New release 6.0 of NOR-STA platform

We are pleased to announce that on November 7th it appears a new release of the NOR-STA platform.

We would like to ensure all users that there is no risk of data loss, because all data will be transferred safely and completely. The only disadvantage is technical break. Between 5 November from 8:00 am to 6 November until 11:00 pm the access to services will be blocked.

Thank you for your understanding.

The report: Evidence list

The Evidence list report will be generated in a form of a table. It will include a list of all attached documents with names of repositories and reference nodes. 

The report will be available in docx and pdf file formats.   

Rys. 1.The report: Evidence list


The report: References list

The next References list report will have a form of a table. The table will contain a list of all reference nodes with attached evidence and names of repositories in which they are located.

The report will be available in docx and pdf file formats.

Rys.1. The report: References list

The report: Project metrics

The report Project metrics will include all the most important data about a project, such as: name, date of creation, all number of nodes, number of different types of nodes, number of assessed nodes, number of evidence,  date of the last modification and the last assessment.

The report will be available in docx and pdf file formats.

Rys.1. Raport: Metryka projektu

The report: Changes history

The Changes history report will be the next report, in which users could view list of all changes in the tree. The table will include four columns: type of the changed node, date of the change,  person who did it, type of the change.

There are four types of changes:

  • node - some information in node details has changed (e.g. title, label, description)
  • tree - modification of a tree structure
  • assessment - change of assessment
  • evidence - change of evidence

All information in the report can be export to csv file format.

The report: Print screen

The first report we want to announce is a print screen of a current view of the tree. 

The first report we want to announce is a print screen of a current view of the tree.
Using this feature you can get the illustration of any part of your project's tree without any edition in graphics program. Normal print screen contains everything you see on our screen at that moment, so you can simply paste it to Word of other editor.

The report will be available in png file format.


"The time travel" in NOR-STA platform

"The time travel" is one of the most important feature, which will appear in the update of  NOR-STA platform. You will be able to see the state of the tree from any moments of the history. We called it "Snapshot".

New feature allows to select a day and to check the appearance of the tree in that day. You will see the last changes from the particular day. If there are many versions of a node in the day you will see the last one. The feature will be available in the main menu/ view/snapshot.

Moreover a user will be able to name a selected date, which will be shown in the list of snapshots. In the future saved snapshots could be fast found and selected. You will able to copy the project snapshot and paste it as a separated one. In every moment user will turn off the snapshot or completely delete it.

New feature allows you to  see visualization of the assessment from a selected day.  A detailed list of all assessments in a node will be available in the Assessment history tab. There we can find more information such as the login of an assessor, date, a kind of the assessment and comments if they were added.

The complete history of added documents can be read in the Evidences tab. Just as in the Assessment history tab there will be information like: login of a person who added document, date, chosen repository and file path.

In a new Changes tab will be recorded any change of the node data: details, position, assessment and evidence.


Tabs like the Assessment history or the Evidences will be available for all users, but in the context of “the Time travel” it will be needed additional permissions set by the administrator.

New features allow users to get more control under the changes, which is especially important when many users cooperating on the same project at the same time. Users will be able to see what has changed in the tree and who is responsible for it.

We hope that you will enjoy our new features and work with the application will be more efficient and comfortable.