To start cooperation with NOR-STA fill out the contact form. Our consultant will contact you within 48 hours and clarify all doubts. Filling out the form only informs us about your interest in cooperation. It does not impose on you any obligations. After establishing contact with our adviser you may decide to use NOR-STA services on the basis of two agreements:

  1. An interested institution joins the Project Advisory Committee by signing the Cooperation Agreement. This agreement does not impose any financial obligations of the signing institution.
  2. A member of Project Advisory Committee may take part in a project case study by signing the Agreement on experimental deployment of NOR-STA services. After signing this document a free access to NOR-STA services is granted to the signing party.

Signing of an agreement is not obligatory. You can cancel the agreement and end the use of NOR-STA services without incurring any consequences.

Formalization of the cooperation is always established respecting the regulations referring to spending the funds of the
Operational Program Innovative Economy, in particular with respect to public procurement.

Project Advisory Committee

Project Advisory Committee (PAC) gathers institutions interested in project results. Through PAC project maintains continuous contact with potential users representing diverse viewpoints: standards owners and/or standard promoters, standard users and conformance auditors. The partners participating in experimental deployment of NOR-STA services are recruited from the PAC members.

PAC membership is free. An institution willing to join should contact Project Office. It is expected that it represents one (or more) viewpoints relevant to standards: owner, user, auditor. Each PAC member is asked to sign the Cooperation Agreement. This agreement does not impose any financial obligations. PAC members have access to a restricted area of the project portal. They are also invited to PAC meetings to learn about the latest results of the project and about users’ experiences with NOR-STA services.