Support for Achieving and Assessing Conformance to NORms and STAndards

The project co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund
Contract No.: UDA-POIG.01.03.01-22-142/09-04

Operational Program Innovative Economy
Priority 1. Research and Development of New Technologies
Activity 1.3 Support for R&D projects realized by research institution
on behalf of enterprises
Subactivity 1.3.1 Development projects
Thematic group INFO

Beneficiary and realizing institution

Gdansk University of Technology
G. Narutowicza 11/12
80-233 Gdańsk

Realizing research group:

Information Assurance Group

Department of Software Engineering

Faculty of Electronics,
Telecommunications and Informatics

Our objective

To deliver effective and efficient support for processes of achieving, assessing and maintaining conformance to norms and standards.

The objectives of the project are achieved by:

  • Experimental deployment of  services supporting application of standards
  • Validation of the services in cooperation with business partners
  • Development of a business model for introducing the services to the market

How do we work?

Welcome to join us!


R&D activities in NOR-STA project are carried out in three cycles, each cycle including case studies in experimental deployment and validation of NOR-STA services. The partners of the case studies are acquired from the Project. Advisory Committee. The objective of the case studies is to assess effectiveness and efficiency of NOR-STA services from the key perspectives: owners, users and auditors. The results of each case study cycle are used to improve NOR-STA services and the related methodology.

Project team

The core of the project team are members of Information Assurance Group (IAG) of Software Engineering Department of Gdansk University of Technology. The NOR-STA approach is the result of the research of IAG aiming at methods of argument representation, assessment and communication. This research resulted in an innovative methodology called TRUST-IT which covers the fundamentals of representation, assessment and communication of arguments and the related processes. NOR-STA is derived from TRUST-IT by its specialization to the processes of achieving and assessing conformance to standards.

Organisational structure

Organisational structure of NOR-STA project is presented below. The Project Manager leads the project and manages all activities towards project objectives. Organisational and administrative support is provided by Project Office. R&D tasks are conducted by project employees and external partners involved in realization of the case studies. External partners, apart from involvement in R&D tasks, perform advisory role, supporting Project Manager in making decisions. This advisory function is instantiated by Project Advisory Committee. The Committee includes representatives of the main viewpoints (standards owners, standard users and conformance auditors) interested in NOR-STA results.