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The Demonstrator presents the application of NOR-STA services to demonstrate the conformance of NOR-STA project to the guidelines for promotion of the EU-funded projects. The guidelines have been published in the document “Guide on promoting projects financed within Innovative Economy Operational Programme, 2007-2013 for beneficiaries and institutions engaged in the implementation of the Programme”, Warsaw, December 2008. Later on, the document is referred to as the Guide.

For demonstration purposes, a Conformance Template for the regulations of the Guide was developed first.

Then, the template was used to develop the argument of conformance of the NOR-STA project to the regulations of the Guide. The template was appended with specific multimedia evidence showing the conformance to particular requirements of the Guide.

To study the conformance argument click the button below. Once the Demonstrator is open (in a new browser tab or window), read the instructions given in a scrollable text area marked INFORMATION.

The Demonstrator should work in most of the popular web browsers (Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and above, Internet Explorer 8 and above, Opera 11), however it looks best in Mozilla Firefox which can be downloaded from here.