Questions to the project NOR-STA

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Members of PAC can take a part in regular meetings.

Please read cooperation page to find the answer.

NOR-STA software services assist in achieving and assessing conformance to Norms and Standards. We work with many Partners from different fields.

We cooperate with more than 120 companies and institutions.

If you would like to use NOR-STA services as well, please contact us.

Using NOR–STA services is free to the end of 2013.

According to the rules under which the project operates, the results must be available five years after its completion. Certainly, NOR-STA services will not be closed on the January 1st, 2013, even if there will be no further development.

If you are intrested in starting cooperation with us, please contact us:

Telephone: +48 58 347-11-18


Due to the high openness of the project NOR - STA to various markets and industries we don't exclude to start support the industries currently unsupported.

Please contact us:

Telephone: +48 58 347-11-18


Technical questions

If you are interested in TRUST-IT methodology, please read Scientific research page.

NOR-STA services are deployed in a cloud and offered to the users in accordance with the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. The services can be used as-needed, without any prior investment in a specialized IT infrastructure, which make them affordable also by users with limited resources (like SMEs).

If you want to know more, please read Offer page.

In the last release it is not possible to export or import the project yourself. For security and reliability reasons these features have been disabled. At the moment there are services only on demand.

To order the export or import project should send email at In case of export, in the message please type the standard with which you work and to define the project or projects covered by the order. Exported data stored in XML format will be sent to the email address of the sender or otherwise specified in the message. In the case of import, to the message please attach a file with ".tct" extension.

As before all information, structure and data of the argument with assessments are exported. Optionally, it is also possible to export the history of changes. The access data to repositories, accounts, assessors / evaluators (for assessments) are not exported. However project import does not include the history of changes.

NOR-STA Editor was designed to run under several different web browsers. Tests show that the most comfortable operation is possible using one of the following browsers:

Firefox 5 (and later)

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer 9