NOR-STA is a set of innovative Internet services supporting implementation of standards and norms. This versatile and innovative platform allows to create a conformance template of any standard and use it to achieve:

  • Arrangement of the documents,
  • Better control of the organization,
  • Better preparation for the assessment or the possibility of a self-assessment,
  • Time and money savings,
  • Support for the decision making processes,
  • Security.

To use our services, you only need a device with an Internet connection and a standard web browser (computer, tablet, mobile). In any place at any time of the day or night, you will have access to the entire evidence of documents gathered in your project.

NOR-STA Platform is intended for hospitals, public administration and business companies that want to improve quality with standardized methods and criteria, as well as possibly obtain a certificate confirming compliance with a standard.

NOR-STA services have already been used to support the implementation of medical standards (accreditation of hospitals), outsourcing, CAF method (Common Assessment Framework 2006 and 2013), HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points), the guidelines of the Polish Accreditation Commission for higher education, ISO 27001 and ISO / IEC 15408-3 security standards.




If you want to have a template for another standard we would like to help you. NOR-STA project is open for new industries and cooperation with both state organizations and commercial companies.  Fill in the contact form. We will call you back to discuss the further cooperation.

NOR-STA Platform can provide you the perfect tool for monitoring the branch departments of your company or other units subordinate to your organization, independent of their geographic location.

NOR-STA services can be used in every organization where monitoring, assessment and gathering the appropriate documentation confirm that specific requirements are fulfilled.

NOR-STA offers services to the following groups of users:

  • Standard Owners – institutions issuing standards and promoting their adoption,
  • Standard Users – institutions interested in the implementation of standards,
  • Auditors – institutions or individuals offering verification and assessment of conformance,
  • Consultants – institutions or individuals supporting other users in evidence management, self-assessments or conformance monitoring.

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