The implementation of the HACCP system requires effective organization, professional management and accurate documentation. A certificate of HACCP compliance yields business value for enterprises as it assures the safety of products, improves company’s credibility and as a result increases the competitive advantage in the market.

Within the NOR-STA project, the Gdansk University of Technology developed a state-of-the-art software platform for the services supporting companies in the implementation of the HACCP system.

NOR-STA services provide a comprehensive tool for management of documents, comprising:

  • HACCP Plan with all the points to be completed and justified,
  • lists of required documents with a direct option to attach them,
  • recommendations how to go through every stage of the HACCP implementing step by step.

Consequently, the company gains control over its situation, which enables it to implement and monitor HACCP system faster and more effectively.

What benefits can you get from NOR-STA?


Continuous HACCP monitoring

NOR-STA provides support for HACCP monitoring through quick overview of the collected documents together with the identification of the recommendations still to be satisfied. Graphical presentation of the assessments allows to easily notice areas to improve.


Clear view of requirements

NOR-STA gives your company a clear and comprehensive list of actions you need to execute in the implementations of the HACCP system. HACCP template contains an accurate list of the required documents with placeholders to attach actual evidence. Additional descriptions, notes and observations allow company to keep all important information in one place.


Management of documentation

The process of HACCP implementation involves a great number of documents to collect often from different people and departments. Thanks to NOR-STA, all documents of the HACCP system will be gathered in one place, where accessing a particular document requires only several clicks.


Security of documents

NOR-STA platform is developed by Gdansk University of Technology staff competent in security and data protection domains. Server protection, encrypted connections and other adequate security means are used to ensure that no data owned by you is disclosed.


Collaboration in organizations

NOR-STA supports collaboration and improves communication between members of the HACCP Team. Documents and assessments can be submitted by many users, and the changes can be reviewed. It increases control over all the stages of implementation of the HACCP system.


Audit support

NOR-STA services support internal and external audits by consulting and certification companies also with online access for auditors. Arrangement of documents, easy review options and automatic calculation of the overall assessment reduce audit effort and duration. Control of permission ensures that access to data is only granted to authorized people.


Ease of use

During development of NOR-STA platform software, we focused on reducing time required to learn how to use it. Thanks to the involvement of users, we designed a friendly and ergonomic user interface which allows effective work even for users less experienced in IT.



For NOR-STA it does not matter whether you use it at work, at home or travelling. A device with an access to the Internet is enough to access NOR-STA services any time and any place.


Technical support

Companies cooperating with NOR-STA project can rely on our support team any time. Numerous training materials can be found on project's website, hands-on training courses  are periodically organised and the project team promptly responds to any phone or e-mail requests.


Cost and time saving

Until the end of 2013, the NOR-STA services are offered free-of-charge. The arranged structure of the HACCP Plan accelerates access to the required information. Clear overview of the assessments supports making key decision. Online access increases efficiency of team work and helps to carry out the audits.

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