Medical Standards

Receiving accreditation requires a substantial amount of work to introduce standards into the hospital and prepare for an audit. Despite it, accreditation certificate has a significant value for a hospital as a distinguishing factor among other healthcare organisations.

Gdańsk University of Technology started NOR-STA project aimed at development of the state-of-the-art software platform. The platform supports hospitals during the process of achieving conformance with Polish healthcare accreditation standards.

NOR-STA services enable access to the list of documents required in accreditation process. The list was created by a team of experts from National Centre for Quality Assessment in Healthcare. It allows a hospital to:

  • Focus on the essential parts of accreditation standards;
  • Store digital versions of the documents on-line;
  • Perform self-assessment or receive external  assessment of the documents;
  • Read the assessment results represented by intuitive colours.

It gives a greater degree of control over the process and evidence to decide whether a hospital is ready for an audit or not.

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What benefits can you get from NOR-STA?


Order in documentation

The process of preparations to an audit requires a large number of documents to collect. The documents are often prepared by various employees and teams. Introducing updates, distributing and managing such documentation is a complicated task, regardless if the documents are paper or digital ones. Thanks to NOR-STA, all required documents will be stored and structurised in one place, finding the one you need at the moment would take only a few mouse clicks.


Better preparation for assessment

NOR-STA services allow for a better preparation to the audit. A self-assessment can be performed or external assessment requested to make sure that a hospital is ready to invite official auditors.


Saving money

Until the end of 2013, NOR-STA enables a free-of-charge software which helps to speed up and optimise the preparation process as well as to decrease cost and effort related to documentation management. The software is delivered as a service, therefore no installation is required. There is no need to buy any additional software nor servers. Moreover, the ease of use removes the need to hire any additional IT staff. 


Better control

At any moment in time you will know the current state of preparations of your hospital - which standards were already completed, and which ones still require more work. Moreover, the ability to grant users different permissions and to view the history of modifications, maintains control over the actions of employees with access to NOR-STA platform.


Maintenance and accreditation renewal

If you already have accreditation certificate, NOR-STA can help you to maintain conformance to accreditation standards. At any moment you can introduce new documents and update existing ones. It will allow you to know if your hospital still conforms to a given standard requirement long before accreditation renewal process.



For NOR-STA it does not matter whether you use it at work, at home or travelling. A computer with an access to the Internet is enough to access NOR-STA services any time and any place.



You don't have a place to store digital documents? Or perhaps for some reason you just prefer not to use your IT infrastructure for this purpose? All the documents can be stored in a repository enabled by NOR-STA without involving your infrastructure. You can access your documents stored in NOR-STA repository any time and be assured that no one else will without your knowledge and permission.



NOR-STA platform is developed by Gdańsk University of Technology staff competent in security and data protection domains. Server protection, encrypted connections and other adequate security means are used to ensure that no data owned by you is disclosed.


Technical support

Hospitals cooperating with NOR-STA project can rely on project team support any time. Numerous training materials can be found on project's website, hands-on training courses  are periodically organised and the project team promptly responds to any phone or  e-mail requests.


Saving time

Thanks to NOR-STA platform you can prepare for accreditation audit faster and more efficiently, saving time for other activities important to functioning of your hospital.


Ease of use

During development of NOR-STA platform software, we focused on reducing time required to learn how to use it. Thanks to the involvement of users from healthcare  domain, we designed a friendly and ergonomic user interface which allows effective work even for users less experienced in IT.

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